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Download Philosophy in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a by Douglas Groothuis PDF

By Douglas Groothuis

Philosophy isn't a closed membership or a mystery society. It's for somebody who thinks significant questions are worthy conversing approximately. To get us begun, Douglas Groothuis unpacks seven pivotal sentences from the background of western philosophy—a few well-known, all brief, none trivial. incorporated are: [email protected] Protagoras, Aristotle and Kierkegaard around out this fast journey. Snce each thinker has a narrative, not only a chain of principles, Groothuis additionally deals just a little each one one's existence to set the level. The seven sterling sentences themselves, whereas they can't let us know all there's to understand, provide bridges into different lands of inspiration which could spark new principles and adventures. And who understands the place they may lead?

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We are too small and fallible for that assignment. Nor does logic rule out poetic insights not reducible to strict logical form. No two contradictory statements can both be true. The world itself cannot contradict itself. Claim (2) is true independent of our knowledge of the world. We do not have to lose sleep wondering if any object can be 58 Philosophy in Seven Sentences longer than it is or whether some parts may be greater than the whole they are part of. One area of modern science is thought by some to strike the killer blow against Aristotle’s logic: modern physics.

We are equal before the bar of reason. Yes, there is much more to reason than the law of noncontradiction, but there is no reason 56 Philosophy in Seven Sentences without it—no valid arguments and no reason for anything, the cosmos included. But not all agree. In various ways and at different times, thinkers have done their level best to contradict the law of noncontradiction. Here are few representative attempts. Some postmodernists argue that Aristotle’s maxim was not an absolute, universal, objective truth.

For Islam there is but one true God, Allah. Allah can have no partners. He has no equal as Creator, but he sends messengers or prophets to deliver sacred books to humanity so that they might submit to Allah and obey his law. ” The final prophet is Muhammad, and the final book is the Qur’an, which trumps the Scriptures of Judaism (the Hebrew Bible) and Christianity (the Old and New Testaments). One becomes a Muslim simply by affirming that there is one God and that Muhammad is his prophet. At the final judgment Allah will send some to paradise and some to hell.

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