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Download Nuclear Power - Operation, Safety and Environment by Edited by: Pavel Tsvetkov PDF

By Edited by: Pavel Tsvetkov

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Pathfinder Atomic Power Plant, Superheater Temperature Evaluation Routine, An IBM-704 Computer Program. United States Atomic Energy Commission, Office of Technical Information, Oak Ridge, TN, 49 pages. , 1976. V. Kurchatov Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station, Atomic Energy (Атомная Энергия, стр. 371-377), 40 (5), pp. 451–457. , 1983. Neutral-Oxygen Water Regime at Supercritical-Pressure Power Units, (in Russian), Energoatomizdat Publishing House, Moscow, Russia. , 1965. Test Stand Study of the Start-up Modes of the Kurchatov’s Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant, (In Russian).

The integrated approach for safety analysis yields to the evaluation of complex scenarios not predictable adopting just a single computational tool. Example is given considering the Multiple Pressure Tube Rupture (MPTR) event which constitute one of the main concern of this kind of plant. The content of this document includes an introduction to the critical issues to be accounted for in the frame of an integral safety analysis approach; the selection of suitable computational tools to proper deal with the scenario subject of the investigation; an 30 Nuclear Power – Operation, Safety and Environment approach on how to link (coupling issues) the selected tools; the use of intermediate code outcomes and interpretation of the global predicted plant behaviour.

The process for developing a nodalization especially for a best estimate code does not necessarily require less effort than the process of development of the code itself. The same is true in relation to the qualification. Expert users develop the nodalization for an assigned purpose, provided that Best Practice Guidelines are followed whenever available. Sensitivity tests can be performed to demonstrate the nodalization quality and the achievement of mesh-independence of the results, which means that varying the node density (or the number of nodes) does not make the results change to a large extent.

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