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Download Mass Transfer Operations for the Practicing Engineer by Louis Theodore PDF

By Louis Theodore

A part of the fundamental Engineering Calculations sequence, this e-book offers step by step ideas of the fundamental ideas of mass move operations, together with pattern difficulties and suggestions and their purposes, corresponding to distillation, absorption, and stripping. featuring the topic from a strictly pragmatic standpoint, offering either the foundations of mass move operations and their functions, with transparent directions on the right way to perform the fundamental calculations wanted, the e-book additionally covers issues priceless for readers taking their specialist tests.

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Molal units are used extensively in mass transfer calculations as they greatly simplify material balances where chemical reactions are occurring. For mixtures of substances (gases, liquids, or solids), it is also convenient to express compositions in mole fractions or mole percentages instead of mass fractions. The mole fraction is 24 Chapter 4 Process Variables the ratio of the number of moles of one component to the total number of moles in the mixture. 9) express these relationships: mass A molecular weight of A mA nA ¼ (MW)A moles of A ¼ moles A total moles nA yA ¼ n mass A mass fraction A ¼ total mass mA wA ¼ m volume A volume fraction A ¼ total volume VA vA ¼ V (4:6) mole fraction A ¼ (4:7) (4:8) (4:9) The reader should note that, in general, mass fraction (or percent) is NOT equal to mole fraction (or percent).

Ft/lbf . 2 ft/s2 on Earth’s surface. Therefore, P ¼ F=S ¼ 100 lbf =3 in2 ¼ 33:33 lbf =in2 ¼ 4800 lbf =ft2 where S ¼ surface area onto which force is applied. 2 P ¼ Pa þ Pg ¼ 14:7 þ 35 ¼ 49:7 psia B MOLES AND MOLECULAR WEIGHT An atom consists of protons and neutrons in a nucleus surrounded by electrons. An electron has such a small mass relative to that of the proton and neutron that the weight of the atom (called the atomic weight) is approximately equal to the sum of the weights of the particles in its nucleus (the protons and neutrons).

What is the velocity of the gas through the stack inlet in feet per second? 0 atm. Neglect the pressure drop across the stack. 0 atm. Calculate the actual flow rate, in acfm, using Charles’ law: qa ¼ qs   Ta Ts (4:27) Substituting ¼ 1000   460 þ 300 460 þ 70 ¼ 1434 acfm Calculate the velocity of the gas: v¼ qa 1434 ¼ 1:0 S ¼ 1434 ft=min B REFERENCES 1. R. C. WEAST (ed), “CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics,” 80th edition, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 1999. 36 Chapter 4 Process Variables 2. S.

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