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Download Japan in a Nutshell by Professor Solomon PDF

By Professor Solomon

The unknown Japan. the conventional Japan. the true Japan. In this erudite but wonderful paintings, Professor Solomon explores a Japan of which few people are conscious. For a journey of a distinct culture--a interesting examine its different methods and wonders--join him.

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Stunned, the couple fell to their knees.  And he related what had happened to him.  So a ship brought me to this island and marooned me on the shore. It was assumed that no one lived here, and that sooner or later I would perish.  Then, wandering along the beach, I spotted your hut.  They would share their food with him, and serve him as best they could. He thanked them; and after a plain but satisfying meal, the three set to work erecting a shelter on the beach.  During the winter he took sick; and Sobei 79 and O Yone brought him back to health with herbs they gathered.

He pondered the transitory nature of existence—the emp­ tiness of ambition—the possibility of enlightenment.  Under a sky black with smoke, he had taken refuge in the river, submerging his body and covering his head with a mat.  Soon after his return to Edo, he received word that his mother had died. Those withered leaves were swirling.  Upon moving into this resurrected Banana Hut, he knelt at his desk and wrote: 58 The same old oak am I—useless, aloof. Hail pounding on a brand­new roof. For a while life went on as before.

Yet poets are neither priest nor layman, he muses, but something in between. They are like bats, which are neither bird nor mouse.  And rising before dawn, he was granted a glimpse of the moon. High above the heath a skylark sings Unattached to any earthly things. All day the lark has sung—melodious fop!  He just can’t stop.  When Sora dropped by one day after it had snowed, Basho wrote: You prepare the fire, tea, and bowl Whilst I a giant snowball go and roll.  After a discussion on how to complete it, he came up with the rest.

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