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Download Hitler's Terror Weapons: From Doodlebug to Nuclear Warheads by Geoffrey Brooks PDF

By Geoffrey Brooks

This is often the tale of the phobia guns constructed via hitler and Nazi Germany that have been meant to be unleashed with devastating influence at the remainder of the realm. The booklet charts the improvement of the V-rockets and their successes opposed to Allied goals. It then is going directly to examine the much more sinister lethal guns that Hitler used to be making plans and constructing, yet thankfully didn't achieve generating. Hitler's Terror guns tells of the determined efforts of the Nazis to provide war-winning guns, and the degree taken by way of the Allies on the excessive degrees to frustrate them of their target.

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It is not necessary to enlarge on this subject. What is required is for the British authorities to declassify all the papers relating to the interrogations of Rudolf Hess for the period 1941–1942. It is, of course, not the intention of the foregoing to justify Nazi atrocities or the Holocaust. But we prefer to rely on the assertions of Governments and academic historians who, labouring in the realm of effects, cannot in the nature of things admit belief in cosmic intelligences, let alone their acting for change through leaders like Adolf Hitler.

London and southern England were always its intended target but in May 1943 preliminary discussions were held on the feasibility of firing the V-1 from a submarine such as the large Type XIV replenishment U-boat. 8 The bombardment of London began on the morning of 13 June 1944. Ten days later Goebbels explained the intended effect of the campaign: “Of course, a 1000-tonne raid has a different effect. But the effect of the German bombardment lies in its persistency. It’s like toothache. Finally you have to do what you should have done all along.

Thus an assayist can recognize any mineral by microscopic examination of its crystal. The experimentalist Sir William Crooks, having spread some fine sand over the head of a drum, sounded different notes above the drumhead with a tuning fork. It was found that the sand shifted and always assumed the same unique geometric figure corresponding to the key sounded. This proved that vibration is the origin of form. All matter, mineral or organic, is merely a molecular structure held together by a keynote, from which one can infer that everything in the material universe is the result of vibration, a fortuitous concourse of atoms.

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