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Download Dismantlement and Destruction of Chemical, Nuclear and by Javier Solana (auth.), Nancy Turtle Schulte (eds.) PDF

By Javier Solana (auth.), Nancy Turtle Schulte (eds.)

The finish ofthe chilly struggle opened extraordinary possibilities for discount rates in guns of mass destruction. With those possibilities got here new demanding situations, either medical and political. ordinarily approached by way of assorted teams, the clinical, technical and political demanding situations are inextricably intertwined. Agreements to dismantle and spoil chemical, nuclear and traditional guns, after having been negotiated through diplomatic channels, require the services of scientists linked to their improvement to figure out the most secure and such a lot environmentally sound equipment of destruction. it truly is during this context that representatives from 16 nations and 5 overseas agencies have been convened together by way of NATO, the Ministry of overseas Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany and the nation govt of North Rhine Westphalia 19-21 may well, 1996 in a gathering close to Bonn to take inventory of globally efforts to spoil and dismantle chemical, nuclear and traditional guns last after the tip ofthe chilly conflict. NATO aid was once supplied less than the auspices of the NATO technology Committee's Panel on Disarmament applied sciences. The convention introduced jointly the most important actors interested in the dismantlement and destruction of chemical, nuclear and traditional guns, highlighted the large accomplishments completed during this sector and pinpointed the rest technical hindrances nonetheless to be conquer. It additionally underlined the serious value of transparency, info alternate and verification as necessary preconditions for disarmament and cooperative security.

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1997 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 30 • • facilitating, on a priority basis, the transportation, storage, safeguarding, and destruction of nuclear and other weapons in the Soviet Union, its republics, and successor states; and assisting in the prevention of weapons proliferation. PROGRAM OBJECTIVES Through the provision of assistance in the form of equipment, technical expertise, training, logistical support, and industrial partnerships, the CTR Program strives to achieve the following objectives: • assist Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan in becoming non-nuclear states; • assist Russia in strategic arms reduction to START levels by 2001; • enhance security and control of fissile material and nuclear weapons in Russia by: - assisting in centralizing fissile material storage, and - strengthening the chain of custody for nuclear weapons; • assist Russia in chemical weapons destruction; • encourage the demilitarization of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia by: - supporting conversion ofNIS defense enterprises, and - expanding defense and military-to-military contacts.

With the foundation stone of the OPCW's office building being laid in The Hague only ten days ago, we can now literally watch it grow. The Convention requires that stockpiles of chemical weapons be destroyed. I would like to share with you the plans of The Netherlands to assist the Russian Federation in this huge task. These stockpiles are leftovers from the Cold War. Other countries should assist Russia in destroying them in a manner which is safe for the Russian people and the environment. 6 trillion roubles, or about US$ 5 billion.

Our independent nuclear forces provide the ultimate safeguard of our security, and make an important contribution to NATO's strategy of war prevention. This will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. However, since the end of the Cold War, all the Nuclear Weapons States have been making major reductions in their nuclear forces. K. has always only maintained its nuclear weapons at the minimum level we judged necessary for a credible deterrent. This means that we have less scope for reductions now than the nuclear superpowers.

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