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By F. P. Dwyer

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In other words, the true oxidation state of the metal 2 2 in these complexes is + 3 . Departures of m o m e n t s from the spin-only values predicted for particu­ lar oxidation states m a y occur for reasons other than the existence of an orbital contribution. , 1962). Pauling predicted that diamagnetic complexes of nickel(II) w o u l d be square-coordinated—a configuration that had not been observed for nickel 26 D . P. MELLOR u p to that time. T h e correctness of the prediction was soon verified in a number of different ways.

1957), was that it focused attention on the conformation of the chelate ring. 4° The existence of puckering in chelate rings greatly complicates the stereochemistry of metal chelates. This subject is taken up in greater detail in Chapter 5. 2. Bidentate Ligands That Exhibit Alternative Ways of Chelation Several examples have already been given of chelating molecules for which there are alternative ways of forming rings with metal atoms. In each case only one of the t w o possible ways was found to occur.

T h e specificity of this reaction lies in the color of the p r o d u c t ; other metals like palladium and platinum form insolu­ ble chelates with dimethylglyoxime which are yellow and blue, respectively, but nickel is the only metal to form a water-insoluble red c o m p o u n d . It may well be that the specificity of biologically important metals resides mainly in the unique physical and chemical properties of their chelate compounds. While chelating agents d o not exhibit absolute specificity in their reac­ tions with metal ions, they m a y exhibit varying degrees of selectivity according to circumstances.

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