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By Ronald T. Acton

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Ann. Y. Acad. Sei. 249, 177-183. Goldstein, A. , Zatz, Μ. , Hardy, M. A. and White, DIFFERENTIATION OF Τ CELLS 47 Α. (19721. proc, Nat, Acad. A, 69, 1800. , Boyse, Ε. , Schlesin^ ger, D . H. and Niall, H. D . Ü-975]. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sei. S. Α. 72, 11-15. Goldstein, G. and Schlesinger, D. H. (1975). Lancet 2, 256-259. , Boyse, E. A. and Old, L. J. (1973). J. Exp. Med. 137, 533-536. , Hammerling, Y. and Boyse, E. A. (1975). Ann. Y. Acad. Sei. 249, 531-540. Scheid, M. , Hammerling, U. and Boyse, Ε.

Acad. Sei. A. 68, 3219-3222. Sidman, R. , (1974), in "The Cell Surface in Development," (A. Moscona, e d . ) , pp. 221-253, J. Wiley, New York. Yamamura, Η. , Synder, S. H. (1974), Proc. Nat. Acad. Sei. A. 71, 1725-1729. DIFFERENTIATION OF Τ CELLS IN VITRO GIDEON GOLDSTEIN Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center New York, New York Thymus derived lymphocytes (T cells) represent a population of cells that is replenished by differentiation of precursor cells, even in the adult organism. Thus a lineage has been traced whereby thymocyte precursors originate in the hemopoetic tissue and migrate to thymus, differentiating therein to thymocytes.

Karyon is more centrally located (Fig. l c ) , In contrast cerebel- lar aggregates have a cell dense periphery of large cells whose extensions are directed internally or laterally (Fig. I d ) . The identity of these exterior cells in cerebellar aggregates is not 3 complete; however, many of these cells can concentrate H-GABA from the medium and fetal cells that undergo their last nuclear division on gestational day 13, namely Purkinje and Golgi II neurons, are only found in this region; whereas, later developing cells principally occupy more internal positions.

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