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Download Celestial Messengers: Cosmic Rays: The Story of a Scientific by Mario Bertolotti PDF

By Mario Bertolotti

The booklet describes from a old perspective how cosmic rays have been came upon. The publication describes the study in cosmic rays. the main target is on how the information used to be won, describing the most experiments and the conclusions drawn. Biographical sketches of major researchers are supplied. Cosmic rays have an authentic date of discovery that is associated with the well-known balloon flights of the Austrian physicist Hess in 1912. The yr 2012 can hence be thought of the centenary of the discovery.

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Mag. 37(6), 537, 562, 571, 581 (1919) References 31 57. E. Rutherford, Science 50, 467 (1919) 58. T. Shimizu, Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 99, 432 (1921) 59. S. Blackett, Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 103, 62 (1923) 60. P. Kapitza, Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 21, 511 (1923) 61. C. Chaloner, BJHS 30, 357 (1997) 62. E. Rutherford, “Statement of claims of Professor Wilson”, 24 Jan 1927 63. C. Chaloner, BJHS 30, 357 (1997) 64. D. G. Wilson, Cloud Chamber Photographs of the Cosmic Radiation (Pergamon, London, 1952) 65.

In fact it is difficult to exaggerate the importance the Wilson chamber had in the development of modern physics. It allowed to make direct observation of phenomena which otherwise would have remained purely conceptual. Without the evidence given by it, many processes would have been confirmed only through the study of a large number of experiments, slowing the scientific development and with a huge waste of forces. The technique was eventually extended to cosmic rays in 1927, when D. Skobelzyn casually detected a track of a cosmic ray; we will tell soon of this.

Ufficio Centrale di Meteorologia e Geodinamica. Someones were already known to me in the summaries which could arrive during the war. One I did not know, the one titled ‘Die Frage der durchdring Strahlung ausserterrestrischen Ursprungers’. While I must make you my compliments for the clarity with which you expound in a simple form the status of this important question, I regret you did not quote the Italian works on this argument, works that have without any doubt the priority, for what pertains to the forecast of the very important conclusions to which successively came Gockel, You yourself, Mr.

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