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By by E.M. Hartley.

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1983). The Other Tongue. Pergamon Press. de Saussure, F. Biography. org/wiki/Ferdinand_de_Saussure. Chomsky, N. (1957). Syntactic Structures. Mouton de Gruyter. Chomsky, N. (1968). Language and Mind. Linguistic contributions to the Study of Mind. Harcourt Brace Janovich, Inc. Transcribed 1998 by Alan Blunden. htm LIN5000 - The Nature of Language Part B: Q1. What is the significance/function of phonological rules in language? -definition. Rules for combining sounds into words (Fromkin. p. 13) There are a finite set of rules used in a language and these rules include the phonology.

Then listen and check. I first (a) ______ (meet) Mark nine years ago, at a party at my friend Harry’s house, and we (b) _____ (go) out on our first date three weeks later. Mark (c) _________ (stay) with Harry while he (d) _____ (visit) from Boston, and one Sunday Harry (e) _____ (invite) me to this barbecue in this garden. Mark (f) ____ (help) him to get it ready, supposedly, but when I (g) _____ (arrive) it was complete chaos! They (h) _____ (still tidy) the house, and there was no food ready at all, so I (i) _____ (offer) to help them.

For example, (Chambers et al, 2004) “Adonis saw himself in the mirror” “ Adonis seen hisself in the mirror” These two sentences convey exactly the same grammatical meaning, but onvey very different social meanings. The former would indicate to a listener that the speaker was of middle class, education background, and the latter would be representative of a working class and uneducated background. At the very least both versions would also depend on where the speaker found themselves at the time of speaking.

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