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Download Capablanca's Best Chess Endings: 60 Complete Games by Irving Chernev PDF

By Irving Chernev

I selected this quantity for an ordinary library the place I trainer chess. scholars can have a few trouble, yet Capablanca is a wizard and his notation is definitely through scholars who're versed in algebraic notation.

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R. Capablanca New York, 1913 Irregular Opening Some exquisite endgame play marks this little-known game of Capabfanca's. The scanty notes furnished by Euwe, Nimzowitsch, or Capablanca himself (in whose books the score of this game appears) do not indicate the beauties that are hidden beneath the surface of the play. There is a tantalizing comment, though, by Capablanca after Black's 37th move, which reads, 'The student should, from now on, examine the ending move by move. 1 did as instructed, and discovered (to my pleasure) that there was brilliance galore in the moves that were never made-in the ideas that gave meaning to the moves actually made!

25 Rclxa1 Be5xal Now we have a four-Bishop ending, a rare occurrence i n practical play. 26 Kg142 Kg8-f7 27 KfZ-el 06-e5 Gangway far the King! 28 Kel-d2 Kf7-e6 29 Be2-d3 Page 30 g7-g6 33 ... 34 Bb5-a6 Be4xg2 Makes way for the passed Pawn, which might give Black some trouble. 34 Bal -f6 35 Be3-f2 Bfk5 ,... This Bishop i s now centralized, and controls the Queening square of White's passed Pawn. b4-b5 h7-h6 On 36 . . BgZ-fl ( t o pin the Pawn) White frees himself by 37 Ba6-c8+ followed by 38 b5-b6, 37 b5b6 96-g5 38 h4xg5 h6xg5 Part of the plan has been carried out, and Capablanca has two connected passed Pawns, which he 36 intends to advance as quick1y as possible.

Nd3-b4+ forces quick mate. 49 50 ... h5h4 M4xb6 Now White has a passed Pawn too, to add to the excitement. 50 Capabianca to move ... h4-h3 51 B M c 7 e6-a5 Blocks the path of the Bishop, and faces White with the threat of 52 . . Qg6-gl+ fotlowed by 53 . . h3-h2. 52 b5-b6 A win-or-lose move. Capablanca underestimated the strength of Black's position, or he would have played the safer 52 Qc2xc4+, when 52 . . Kg8-f8 53 Bc7-d6+ Qg6xd6 54 Qc4-c8+ followed by 55 Qc8xh3 would probably have led to a draw.

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