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By Pierre Gilly

Nget annat land framställs som ett större sizzling mot fred och demokrati än Iran. I rapporteringen om landet handlar det nästan alltid om kärnvapen, diktatur eller fundamentalism. males är Iran verkligen ett så stort sizzling, eller finns det ideologiska och ekonomiska motiv bakom mediebilden?

Bombdiplomati är en bok om konsten att skapa en fiende. Frilansjournalisten Pierre Gilly har intervjuat historiker, islamologer och medieforskare som målar upp en skrämmande bild av världen efter 2001.

Med hjälp av psykologisk krigföring och tjänstvilliga medier har united states lyckats konstruera en hotbild där Iran framstår som urtypen för en skurkstat. Om kriget mot terrorismen är en politisk slogan är Iran dess affischnamn.

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S. action was partisan, clashes between the two forces were inevitable. S. Navy and Iran in the Persian Gulf in 198788. It is not comprehensive and does not consider the merits of each incident in any detail. Â < previous page 38 page_139 next page > 39 If you like this book, buy it! < previous page page_14 next page > Page 14 Disputes over the border and administration of Shatt al-Arab continued, and border clashes intensified. Pursuant to the visit of the UN envoy to the border areas, the cease-fire of March 4, 1974, was instituted; talks between Iran and Iraq began, and the two countries exchanged ambassadors.

S. and Iranian actions. Reaction of Iran Iran clearly saw the action taken by all the outside powers as partisan, basing its view on three factors. (1) While claiming to be interested in protecting the rights of neutral shipping, no attempt was made by any outside power to prevent Iraq's attacks on tankers serving Iran, despite Iraq's dominant role in the Tanker War and Iran's promises not to attack any ships if Iraq did the same. 59 (2) Iraq's purpose in conducting the Tanker War was to strangle Iran economically.

21. , July 13, 1987. 22. , July 16, 1987. 23. , October 20, 1987. 24. Weinberger, "Security Arrangements"; Glenn/Warner, "Persian Gulf," 11. 25. "War in the Persian Gulf," 38. In June 1987, the United States planned to deploy three AAW warships in addition to the force levels at the time of the attack on the USS Stark and were considering deploying a battleship surface action group in the North Arabian Sea. See S HRG 100269, "'Reflagged' Kuwaiti Tankers," 101. 26. Washington Post, July 5, 1987, p.

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