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Download Bobby Fischer 2: 1961-1967 by Vasily; Tahl, Mijail; Yudasin, Leonid; Tukmakov, Vladimir PDF

By Vasily; Tahl, Mijail; Yudasin, Leonid; Tukmakov, Vladimir Smyslov

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Q-R3; 27 R-K7 eh) ; 27 Q-N5 eh and 28 R-K7 ( eh ) . (2) 25 . . QN-Q2; 26 R-K6 ( 2a ) 26 . . NxN; 27 QxN eh, etc. ( 2b ) 26 . . N-KN I ; 27 R-N6, etc. (2c) 26 . . , QxR; 28 Q-N8 mate. (2d) 26 . . N-Q4; 27 BxN, PxB; 28 R-K7 eh, K-R l ; 29 R-N7, followed by mate. ,. This is the logical continuation. White has made all the preceding moves in order to break Black's (3) 25 . , QN-Q4; 26 BxN, NxB; 27 R-K51 ( Sa ) 27 . . B-Q2; 28 RxN; PxR; 29 N-B6 eh, K-Rl; 30 Q-N61 wins ( 3b ) 27 . . R-Q3; 28 QR-Kl ( threatening 29 R-K7 eh ) , R­ N3; 29 Q-R4 ( 29 R-K7 eh GAME I 12 would not decide in this posi­ tion : 29 .

The question is very subtle, and even a master could go wrong in such a situation. As a matter of fact, there are even grandmaster games along the same line, and it is precisely on the basis of these games that the active chess player knows that he has to be careful with P-QR3, P-QN4 at such an early stage of the game. Our amateur did not know this. He cannot be blamed for that, and once on the defensive, one could even pardon him for continuing the wrong strategy by his 12th move P-B5. After that, he could not escape being forced to the de­ fense and later losing the Pawn.

Game 2 The 4 Q-B2, P-B4 variation of the Nimzo-Indian The disadvantage of a premature advance of Q-side Pawns Exploiting the weaknesses in a Pawn formation Winning the isolated Pawn Making the "plus Pawn" count The "eternal pin" Steinitz stated that of all chess pieces the Pawn has one peculiarity possessed by no other piece : it can only go forward, never backward. Because of this fact, warned Steinitz, be extra cautious with your Pawn moves. Certainly, there are cases in which a Pawn is more useful on the 4th rank than on the 2nd, and perhaps still more so on the 6th rank.

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