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By Gerald Litwack (Eds.)

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The initial studies of in vivo activation occurred coincidentally with the identification of the parameters that affect association-dissociation (see Sec­ tion II,c), and Corbin et al. (1975b) recognized that the procedures of tissue extraction should be chosen dependent on whether the tissue contained primarily Type I, Type II, or both types I and II isozymes (see Figs. 5 and 15). For the tissues containing Type II isozyme, Corbin et al. 5 M NaCl. Under these conditions, reassociation of the enzyme at 0° is substantially blocked (see Fig.

The oocytes were exposed to 30 μλί progesterone 10-15 minutes later. The frequency of germinal vesicle breakdown was recorded as a function of time, and oocytes were defined as mature after experiencing germinal vesicle breakdown. Center: Dose-response of oocytes from a single female to microinjection of R2-cAMP2. The percentage of germinal vesicle breakdown was scored 5 hours after injection. Bottom: Induction of maturation of oocytes by microinjection of the heat-stable inhibitor protein of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase.

Each value is the mean of at least three observa­ tions, with standard errors of 10-20%. 0-fold for the carboxykinase. The values for analogs 1, 2, and 3 are given as percentage of decrease in control activity. 1, 8HOEtHN-cAMP; 2, 8H2N-cAMP; 3, 6HS-cAMP; 4, 6MeS-cAMP; 5, 8HOEtS-cAMP; 6, 8Br-cAMP; 7, 8PhCH2ScAMP; 8, 8EtS-cAMP; 9, 8MeS-cAMP. ) 4. The analog, or a derivative of it, may inhibit phosphodiesterase and result in an increase in the production of endogenous cAMP from ATP. As indicated in the data of Table IX, many analogs act by increasing endogenous cAMP levels, whereas others result in a more direct activation of the protein kinase.

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