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Download Bifurcation and Chaos in Engineering by Professor Yushu Chen PhD, Professor Andrew Y. T. Leung PDF

By Professor Yushu Chen PhD, Professor Andrew Y. T. Leung DSc,PhD,CEng,FRAes,MIStructE,MHKIE (auth.)

For the various diversified deterministic non-linear dynamic structures (physical, mechanical, technical, chemical, ecological, monetary, and civil and structural engineering), the invention of abnormal vibrations as well as periodic and virtually periodic vibrations is without doubt one of the most important achievements of contemporary technology. An in-depth examine of the idea and alertness of non-linear technology will surely switch one's notion of various non-linear phenomena and legislation significantly, including its nice results on many parts of software. because the vital material of non-linear technological know-how, bifurcation idea, singularity concept and chaos idea have constructed speedily long ago or 3 a long time. they're now advancing vigorously of their purposes to arithmetic, physics, mechanics and lots of technical parts around the globe, and they're going to be the most topics of our challenge. This ebook is worried with functions of the equipment of dynamic platforms and subharmonic bifurcation conception within the learn of non-linear dynamics in engineering. It has grown out of the category notes for graduate classes on bifurcation idea, chaos and alertness concept of non-linear dynamic platforms, supplemented with our newest result of clinical examine and fabrics from literature during this box. The bifurcation and chaotic vibration of deterministic non-linear dynamic structures are studied from the point of view of non-linear vibration.

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Case 2 A has the simply complex eigenvalues. Since A is a real matrix, det( A - A J) = 0 must be a real characteristic polynomial and hence complex roots must be in conjugate pairs. 47) = A} v j 0 0 AI In this case, the diagonal matrix of A is o o , where Aj and Aj Alii 0 Alii belong to diagonal elements. For complex eigenvectors, if we take linearly independent vectors Re Vi and 1m Vi instead of vi and vj , it will result in the construction of the real transformation T. 48) U l ~ ~ where J = [ Since a J can exchange with any variables, then Noticing Jk = J, S2 = -J, S3 = -S, S4 = J, Sl = S, we get e tJ = [e t a J] [cosPt sinpt -sinptJ cospt = e t a[COspt sinpt Case 3 A has eigenvalues with multiplicity.

8 The orbit stability is defined as follows. Let y correspond to the closed orbit of the periodic motion and X = X(t)( -OCJ < t < +OCJ) be the arbitrary phase locus. If there exists a small quantity 0(8ยป0 for any 8>0 and when p(X(t),y) <0 is satisfied for t > to, then we call the periodic motion X = Xo(t) orbit stable as shown in Fig. 9. Fig. 9 The geometric explanation of the definition is that Liapunov stability requires that the distance between the phase points be less than 0 at the initial time, thus this distance is less than 8, and orbit stability requires that the distance from the phase points to the closed orbit be less than 0 at the initial time, thus this distance is less than 8 after a certain time.

Now let T 0, then

0, this implies that Therefore r(y) is a periodic orbit in ro(x) (see Fig. 19). Lemma 4 If ro(x) contains one periodic orbit e, then e = ro(x) Fig. 19 Fig. 18 Proof Suppose there is a point Z E , then there is a sequence

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