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Download Better Chess For Average Players by Tim Harding PDF

By Tim Harding

Transparent, hassle-free consultant via famous specialist coaches readers via basics of attacking and positional play, in addition to tips to process the endgame. an important techniques of assessing positions and selecting strikes are tested extensive; additionally, tips on how to take care of tough positions and time-trouble. 384 diagrams.

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B4 Nxf5 h6 Nce7 Qe2 cxb4 Bxf5 Nc3 Nd5 Nxb4 Qxf5 Almost a model position for Black in this opening. The St. George bishop has undisputed sway at b7, the queen is active at f5, the black knight has found an outpost at b4. White's c1 bishop is hopelessly locked in by its own pawn at f4. 20 ... 21 Rb1 Nc2 Rab8! 23 ... Bc6 24 Qe2 Rb4 White's collapses. position now 25 Qxa6 26 Rxf4 27 Ra1 Rxf4 Qxf4 Qf2 28 Rg1 29 Qc4 Qxb2 Qc2! 21 ... Rab8 is incredibly subtle, even though I say so myself. Black sees that White is desperate to free himself by Be3, so puts his rook on the line weakened by the absence of the bishop from c1 — the b-file.

16 Ne5! Threat: 17 Bxf6 and Nxd7 forking queen and rook. 16 17 18 19 ... Bxf6 Qg3+ Qh4! Qb7 gxf6 Kh8 White is on top with an attack and an extra pawn. But now we see a superb demonstration of back row defence by Black. 24 23 24 25 26 White is not chickening out for a draw. He wants a mate after 19 ... fxe5 20 Qf6+ Kg8 21 Re3! 19 ... 20 Ng4 Be7 Now Black must part with a pawn. 20 ... 21 Nxf6 Rg8 Rg7 Qf4 Nd1 h4! Ne8 Nc7 b4 Qb5 Rg6 f6 The itinerant knight has so far caused havoc in Black's defences, but is now about to be lassooed.

Re4! Bb5 Rxb5 Rb7 Nf5 Bc6 Bxb5 Rxa3 With both sides now running low in that precious commodity time, the game accelerates to its destined conclusion. 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 g4 h6 Ne2 Kg3 Ng1 Rb2 Rf2 Ne2 Ng1 Rc8 gxh6 Nd5 Rf8 Rf7 Kg7 Kg6 Kg5 Black now, mentally unable to retreat, advances to his destruction. 39 ... Nf4 Chronic. White's next Black's pieces. 40 Rxf4 41 Nh3+ 42 Nxf4+ move wins all Rxf4 Kg6 Resigns R. Granat—M. Basman, Islington, December 1981 1 e4 e6 2 d4 a6 3 c4 b5 4 cxb5 axb5 5 Bxb5 Bb7 6 Nc3 Bb4 7 Bd3 f5 (as in Pritchett-Basman, but here Granat does not give the check; this improves his chances slightly).

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