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Download Being and Event by Alain Badiou PDF

By Alain Badiou

Being and Event is the best paintings of Alain Badiou, France's most vital residing thinker. Long-awaited in translation, Being and Event makes to be had to an English-speaking readership Badiou's groundbreaking paintings on set thought - the cornerstone of his entire philosophy. The ebook makes the scope and target of Badiou's entire philosophical undertaking transparent, permitting complete comprehension of Badiou's value for modern philosophy. Badiou attracts upon and is totally engaged with the ecu philosophical culture from Plato onwards; Being and occasion offers with such key figures as Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Hegel, Rousseau, Heidegger and Lacan. This wide-ranging booklet is organised in a cautious, certain and novel demeanour, reflecting the philosophical rigour of Badiou's notion. not like many modern Continental philosophers, Badiou - who's additionally a novelist and dramatist - writes lucidly and cogently, making his paintings way more obtainable and fascinating than a lot philosophy, and really a excitement to learn. This English language variation encompasses a new preface, written by means of Badiou himself, specially for this translation.

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Pokrovsky, ‘Istochniki romana “Voina i mir” ’, in Obninsky and Polner, op. cit. (9/1), 113–28. 1 2 32 • Isaiah Berlin or other rationalistic kinds of blindness. But Kutuzov was a real person, and it is all the more instructive to observe the steps by which Tolstoy transforms him from the sly, elderly, feeble voluptuary, the corrupt and somewhat sycophantic courtier of the early drafts of War and Peace, which were based on authentic sources, into the unforgettable symbol of the Russian people in all its simplicity and intuitive wisdom.

4, part 1, chapter 4 (beginning), T xii 14; W 1039–40. On the connection of this with Stendhal’s La Chartreuse de Parme see Paul Boyer (1864–1949) chez Tolstoï: entretiens à Iasnaïa Poliana (Paris, 1950), 40. 1 2 The Hedgehog and the Fox • 21 affairs, in this case the Western military theorists, a General Pfuel, or Generals Bennigsen and Paulucci, who are all shown talking equal nonsense at the Council of Drissa, whether they defend a given strategic or tactical theory or oppose it; these men must be impostors, since no theories can possibly fit the immense variety of possible human behaviour, the vast multiplicity of minute, undiscoverable causes and effects which form that interplay of men and nature which history purports to record.

And side by side with these public faces – these hollow men, half self-deluded, half aware of being fraudulent, talking, writing desperately and aimlessly in order to keep up appearances and avoid the bleak truths – side by side with all this elaborate machinery for concealing the spectacle of human impotence and irrelevance and blindness lies the real world, the stream of life which men understand, the attend­ing to the ordinary details of daily existence. When 22 • Isaiah Berlin Tolstoy contrasts this real life – the actual, everyday, ‘live’ experience of individuals – with the panoramic view conjured up by historians, it is clear to him which is real, and which is a coherent, sometimes elegantly contrived, but always fictitious construction.

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