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By O'Toole C., Raw A.

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Of these three, culture may be the most important and, as Kissinger observes, the West may place too much emphasis on the efficacy of persuasion, underestimating the resilience of culture (Kissinger, 2011). This is the rub that soft power faces in a world in transition. But soft power, as a relatively new and untested concept, faces another rub. And that is its permanence. A large army is a relatively permanent source of power, so long as its soldiers are fit, well fed and supplied with up-to-date tools of their trade.

Legislation. The inability of the state to protect its citizens, and leaders, from prosecution in other territories. Monk (2009) sees the Great Recession as evidence that states and their post-war institutions are now unable to keep up with the pressures and demands of ongoing globalisation. What is required is a new form of organising that will provide some better defence or resilience to globalisation’s challenges and pressures. From a different perspective, Fry (2000) sees problems for both the state and the future course of globalisation.

The successful CEOs spend more time interacting with both customers and staff at all levels than their lesser-performing counterparts who focus largely upon interacting with their fellow managers. 1. This book can be used to help put such a framework into action. 1 Success during uncertainty: An action framework Success in times of ambiguity and uncertainty: Key pointers POINTER 1 Do not rely on a rigid long-term strategy. POINTER 2 Think about how you can create an emergent strategy, one based on experimentation, exploration and learning.

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