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Download Beating the fianchetto defences by Efstratios Grivas PDF

By Efstratios Grivas

Grivas offers an entire and precise repertoire for White opposed to 5 vital openings: the Grünfeld, King's Indian, Benoni, Benko and sleek. In every one case, he has instructed a line within which he has a wealth of expertise, and has performed an important own function in constructing over decades. The concepts are geared in the direction of posing Black unconventional difficulties: your competitors will be unable to churn out long memorized diversifications, yet might want to resolve difficulties on the board in positions which are slightly diverse in personality from these mostly reached in those openings. Grivas has additionally selected the repertoire in order that it kinds a unbroken entire, and should healthy along an English or Réti move-order, as well as a customary 1 d4 repertoire.

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A horrible move that weakens the dark squares around his king. ¤xd3 16 cxd3 b5 is a better try, but it still looks quite good for White. b5? because of 16 ¤xb5 ¥xb5 17 £xb4 )) 16 £h4 Mortensen,E− Nilsson,N/Copenhagen DEN 2001. ¥xf3 12 £xf3 ¤c6 This critical position has occurred hundreds of times. £d8!? When someone as strong as Gurevich plays this, take careful note. Black carefully moves his queen away from potential harassment by White's minor pieces. 15 ¦ae1 e6! Nice prophylaxis against a potential White attack.

However even here he should able to maintain the balance. ¤d5 8 ¥d2 dxe5!? 9 dxe5 ¤xc3?! This move is a real mistake which allows White to seize the initiative. (After this game the position was considered as insufficient for Black. ¥g4!? ) 10 ¥xc3 b5 11 ¥b3 ¤a6 12 e6! Rublevsky,S− Markowski,T/Polanica Zdroj 1996. After Black has given up the outpost in the center White's light−squared Bishop becomes really strong. c6 This is the most precise move order. b1) 6 e5 ¤d5! 7 ¥xd5 (7 ¤xd5 cxd5 8 ¥xd5?

H3 is useless at best. ¤h5!? The attempt at outright refutation. f5!? ) 12 f5 ¤f4 13 ¥xf4 exf4 14 £d2 ¤c6? After this White gets a dangerous attack. £b6+ 15 ¢e2 ¦e8!? ) 15 £xf4 £b6+ 16 £e3 £xb2 17 ¤d5 Polgar,J− Hennigan,M/London (England) 1988. e5 11 0-0-0!? A very sharp and interesting continuation. ¤bd7 12 g4 d5! The central breakthrough is a typical reaction to a wing attack. £xa2 15 ¤c3 £a1+ 16 ¢d2 £xb2 17 ¥d4 Polgar,J−Azmayparashvili,Z/Amsterdam II 1989. Bb7 seems more consistent to me. 14 £e2 ¥e6 15 f5 ¥c4 16 fxg6 hxg6 17 a5 Now Black has to strengthen White's centre after which I don't like her position that much, Computer−Ioseliani,N/Hague (Netherlands) 1993.

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