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Download Basic Endgame Strategy Queens and Rooks by Bill Robertie PDF

By Bill Robertie

A consultant to endgame procedure which exhibits the fundamental checkmating rules and mixtures had to end off rivals. avid gamers translate middlegame merits into victories, find out how to use the king as a weapon, transparent the way in which for rook buddies and realize tactical combos.

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Of his move is only apparent. vertical plane (or vice versa), in reality he moves along a line, and the "crookedness" not essential that all which we have said on this subshould bear the test of mathematical exactitude. \^Tiat is important is merely the discovery of the idea underlying the moves of the pieces and of the unity extending to the It is ject moves of them all. Perhaps, from the point of view of pure mathematics, one might wish to prove that if the chessboard were to be enlarged the line of the Knight's move would not coincide with the line bisecting the angle made by the Rook's and Bishop's moves.

Standing of the Knight's moves Of all the pieces besides the Knight, the Rook and the Bishop can never simultaneously attack one another because they command different hues, one horizontal and vertical, and the other diagonal. But is it not wonderful that the Queen, commanding all three lines and meeting all the other pieces, still cannot meet the Knight ? Are there then, perhaps, other lines on the board besides the ranks, files, and diagonals? We saw that the Knight attacks on squares of a different colour from those on which the Queen stands.

This shows how much more difficult it is to open a line for a Rook than for a Bishop. In order to open up a file, an enemy piece must be taken by the Pawn on it. The ability to do so — QUEEN, KNIGHT, ROOK AND BISHOP 43 depends very much on the will of the enemy, because he might not put one of his pieces under the threat of capture by this Pawn, But one may compel him to do so by sacriiicing a If he accepts it he gives the Pawn the opportunity piece. to leave the file which it blocked. Another way, is to sacrifice the Pawn but the enemy can choose whichever course is better for him to accept the sacrifice and open the line, or to refuse it and leave the fine closed.

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