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Download At the Leading Edge: The ATLAS and CMS LHC Experiments by Dan Green PDF

By Dan Green

Too frequently descriptions of detectors concentrate on the "what" and never the "why". This quantity goals to clarify how the necessities of the physics on the huge Hadron Collider (LHC) outline the detector setting. In flip, the detector offerings are made to undertake to that surroundings. The target of LHC physics is to discover the mechanism for electroweak symmetry breaking. as a result of the minuscule cross-sections which have to be explored, 0.1 facebook, the LHC must supply a hundred fb-1/yr, or a right away luminosity of 1034 / (cm2 sec). With a host crossing period of 25 nsec, like minded to detector speeds, there'll be 25 occasions occupying each one bunch crossing. hence the physics calls for quick, finely segmented, low noise and radiation resistant detectors which supply redundant measurements of the infrequently produced electrons and muons. to accomplish these ambitions, new floor used to be damaged in developing the A Toroidal LHC gear (ATLAS) and Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detectors within the vertex detectors, monitoring structures, calorimetry, robust magnets, muon platforms, entrance finish electronics, set off platforms, and within the facts acquisition equipment used.

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The trigger and data acquisition techniques for both ATLAS and CMS are more or less specific to the experiment and thus are not susceptible to a “generic” analysis. Again, discussions specific to the experiments appear in the later chapters of this volume. In fact, after the first level of triggering, commercial off-the-shelf modules are mostly deployed. 5in — At the Leading Edge ... 40 b866-ch01 D. Green subsystems, and “farms” of commodity PCs which are used for online high level triggering and for offline analysis.

The pixel shape A central decision in the development of the CMS pixel detector was to exploit charge sharing among pixels to improve the position resolution. Significant charge sharing is a consequence of the Lorentz drift in the strong magnetic field of 4 T inside CMS. Charge carriers released by the ionizing particle in the silicon sensor do not follow the electric field lines to the collection electrodes, but are deflected by the Lorentz force (Fig. 1). 5in — At the Leading Edge ... 44 b866-ch02 W.

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