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Download ASPE Plumbineering Dictionary - The Comprehensive Resource by Pienta, Gretchen(eds.) PDF

By Pienta, Gretchen(eds.)

This publication is the industry's basically accomplished source of plumbing engineering terminology. It includes millions of phrases present in the lexicon of plumbing engineers, phrases used each day within the layout of every kind of plumbing platforms. greater than only a word list, this reference comprises entries on the entire significant businesses, in addition to universal acronyms, abbreviations and terminology with regards to formulation, criteria, and requisites.

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Bonnet The part of a valve that connects the valve actuator to the valve body and also may contain the stem packing. booster pump A submergible pump used to increase water pressure where low or inadequate water pressure exists. booster pump control valve A pilot-operated valve designed to eliminate pipeline surges caused by the starting and stopping of a booster pump. booster water heater A secondary water-heating system used to heat water to a higher temperature than that of the primary heater.

Butt weld A joint made when two pipes ends or edges are brought together and melted at the junction. butt welding The method used to make most standard sizes of steel pipe in which the butted edges of strips of steel are welded together. bypass 1. A pipeline with valves intended to divert flow in a different direction or around a piece of equipment. 2. A connection or a valve system that allows hard water to supply a system while the water softener is being regenerated or serviced. bypass relief valve A check valve that opens to permit a reverse flow of water from the building system back into the supply main when the system pressure is greater than the supply pressure due to the expansion of water as it is heated in the system.

Building trap A device, fitting, or assembly of fittings installed in a house drain to prevent the circulation of air between the house drain and the house sewer. Typically installed as a running trap. Commonly called house trap. built environment Human-constructed structures in which people spend their time, as well as human settlements (villages, towns, cities). bulkhead fitting A connector used to attach flexible pipes with the help of male adapters. bull head tee A tee connection in which the branch is larger than the run.

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