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Download Art and Culture: Critical Essays by Clement Greenberg PDF

By Clement Greenberg

"Clement Greenberg is, across the world, the best-known American paintings critic popularly thought of to be the fellow who placed American forefront portray and sculpture at the global map. . . . an enormous ebook for everybody attracted to smooth portray and sculpture."—The manhattan Times

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I am a being sexualized as feminine. I am sexualized female. the'mOilvatlo·:n of my work lies in the impos­ sibility of articulating such a statement; in the fact that its . utterance is in some ways senseless, inappropriate, indecent . . In other words, to articulate the reality of my sex is impossible in discourse. (p. 1 4 8 ) She quotes the female linguistic tendency to dialogic forms aimed at subject-subject relations, at the expression of more than one subject. continuous contact. Thus, within herself, she is already two - but not divisible into one(s) itwgll jng what'is.

Elene CIXOU but not WIthout a SIde 100 at t e an s daughters (among them Judith Butler). nbution In the opening essay, 'The Question of the Other', Irigaray returns to a favourite notion of hers: 'The question of the other has been poorly formulated in the Western tradition, for the other is always seen as the other of the same, the other of the subject itself, rather than an/other subject (a subject which is other), irreducible to the masculine subject and sharing equivalent dignity' (p. 8). In contrast t6 Simone de Beauvoir, she does not refuse to be the other gender, the other sex, but asks to be considered apart from, not as a reflection of, the male political and philosophical subject.

As Leslie Silko says: 'You don't have anything/if you don't have the stories' . 16 There is also the necessary conscious reference to the great Western canon while, at the same time, transgressing and upturning it. Amitav Gosh speaks of his need not to be read for contents alone, of his aspiration to new languages along the lines of writers like Woolf and Proust. 1 7 The innovation in his works is represented precisely by the coexistence of different genres and fields: history and story, journalistic enquiry and poetical vision are present both in his 'reportage' Dancing in Cambodia, and in his 'novel' In an Antique Land, subtitled History in the Guise of a Traveller 's Tale.

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