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Download Armada of Antares (Dray Prescot, Book 11) by Alan Burt Akers PDF

By Alan Burt Akers

Kregen! That terrific international circling the double-star Antares within the Constellation Scorpio has been the scene of many a thrilling occasion as its myriad human and non-human races fight with one another for ascendency. yet for Dray Prescot, Earthman and Prince of Vallia, all the electrifying features of his adventurous existence on Kregen have been to climax whilst the armies of Havilfar made their flow towards his followed place of birth earlier than he had absolutely solved the key in their mysterious air fleets. Armada of Antares is the fruits of all his studies on Kregen to date -- a peril-pitched novel, entire in itself, of an alien global stirred as much as a life-or-death frenzy

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It fit him. It was him. ‘Arthur Dent,’ mumbled Arthur Dent, and he wasn’t happy to hear it. ‘Is that all you have to say? ’ ‘I’m an old man,’ said Arthur hopefully. ’ said the woman. ‘What are you talking about, old? You look exactly the same as you did the last time I saw you. Exactly. ’ It was as Arthur feared. All those years alone on his beach and now he was back in the Universe with people shouting at him and no idea what was going on. ’ ‘Stay so young. I’m younger than you and I look like a silicon implant after a night in the toaster.

Arthur and Ford rushed at semi-breakneck speed to London’s Club Beta, pausing only to purchase foie gras and blue suede shoes. Thanks to the old dimensional axis/ Plural zone thing, they found Trillian and Tricia McMillan co-existing in the same space-time, both being screamed at by an emotional Random. Confused? Arthur was, but not for long. Once he noticed the green death rays pulsating through the lower atmosphere, all of the day’s other niggling problems seemed to lose their nigglyness – after all, confusion was not likely to slice him into a million seared pieces.

Luckily, Betelgeuseans don’t have much of a subconscious, so that’s all right then. ’ He stepped gingerly across the floor of sky, noticing with a jolt of surprise that one of his legs flickered slightly for a moment. I’m not real, he realized, which was enough to stick a pin in his permanently buoyant mood, but he recovered quickly, something which the room’s other occupant didn’t seem to have managed just yet. ‘Look on the bright side, old mate,’ he called to the Earthman. ‘At least you’re not lying down in front of a bulldozer, eh?

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