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Download Arduino and Kinect Projects: Design, Build, Blow Their Minds by Enrique Ramos Melgar, Ciriaco Castro Díez, Przemek Jaworski PDF

By Enrique Ramos Melgar, Ciriaco Castro Díez, Przemek Jaworski

If you've performed a few Arduino tinkering and puzzled the way you may perhaps include the Kinect—or the opposite direction around—then this publication is for you. The authors of Arduino and Kinect initiatives will make it easier to create 10 notable, inventive tasks, from uncomplicated to complicated. You'll additionally easy methods to comprise Processing on your undertaking design—a language similar to the Arduino language.

The ten tasks are conscientiously designed to construct in your abilities at each step. beginning with the Arduino and Kinect similar of "Hello, World," the authors will take you thru a various variety of tasks that exhibit the massive variety of probabilities that open up while Kinect and Arduino are combined.

* Gesture-based handheld remote control. regulate units and residential home equipment with hand gestures.
* Kinect-networked Puppet. Play with a actual puppet remotely utilizing your entire physique.
* temper Lamps. construct your personal set of responsive, gesture controllable LED lamps.
* Drawing robotic. keep an eye on a drawing robotic utilizing a Kinect-based tangible desk.
* Remote-controlled automobile. Use your physique gestures to regulate a wise vehicle.
* Biometric Station. Use the Kinect for biometric acceptance and checking physique Mass Indexes.
* 3D Modeling Interface. use the Arduino LilyPad to construct a wearable 3D modelling interface.
* 360º Scanner. construct a turntable scanner and experiment any item 360º utilizing just one Kinect.
* Delta robotic. construct and keep watch over your personal quick and exact parallel robotic.

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The comparison of the “flat” reference image and the incoming infrared pattern is translated by the chip into a VGA-sized depth image of the scene that you can access through the OpenNI API. Figure 2-9. PrimeSense PS1080 system on chip (image courtesy of PrimeSense) Kinect Alternative: ASUS Xtion PRO After PrimeSense released the OpenNI framework, ASUS and PrimeSense announced their intention to release a PC-compatible device similar to Kinect. In 2012, ASUS revealed the Xtion PRO, an exact implementation of PrimeSense’s reference design that only features a depth camera.

This function is the core of most programs. In this example, you turn pin 13’s built-in LED on using the function digitalWrite() to send a HIGH (5V) signal to the pin. Then you pause the execution of the program for one second with the function delay(). During this time, the LED will remain on. After this pause, you turn the LED off, again using the function digitalWrite() but sending a LOW (0V) signal instead, and then pause the program for another second. This code will loop continuously, making the LED blink.

For a thorough introduction to Processing, I strongly recommend Ira Greenberg’s monumental Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art. Installing Processing Installing Processing is definitely not much of a hassle. org and download the appropriate version for your OS of choice. If you are a Windows user and you aren’t sure if you should download the Windows or Windows without Java version, go for the Windows version. The other version will require you to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) separately.

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