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By Eduard Petiška

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So he challenged the god of Mount Tmolus to judge who played the better, he or Apollo. Tmolus agreed and pushed the branches of ancient trees aside from his huge ears. First of all the god Pan played a wild barbaric song. King Midas stood at the edge of the wood and listened with pleasure to the sounds of the pipes, that shouted each other down like the chattering birds, whistled like the wind in the cliffs and leapt through the air like the waters of a river over stones. Pan finished playing and Tmolus beckoned to the god Apollo.

Prometheus had often warned his brother not to accept any gifts from the gods. But looking at the beautiful Pandora, Epimetheus forgot all warnings and advice. He took her kindly into his home, together with her golden box. He wondered what the gods were sending him in that box and asked the girl to lift the lid. Pandora opened the box willingly. And out flew, with a swishing, whining and lament, wasting diseases, pain, misery and suffering. They circled the house and flew all over the whole world, that had so far known nothing of such evils.

As he went through the royal garden he reached for an apple and a golden apple dropped into his hand. Beside himself with delight the king ran into the castle, and as soon as he touched the door it shone with gold. He pulled aside the curtain and it hardened into a golden wall. He ordered a great banquet to be held. He washed his hands and observed with rapturous laughter that liquid gold flowed between his fingers. He sat down to the table and took some bread. But before he could carry a scrap to his mouth he held a bit of pure gold in his hand, instead of bread.

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