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By Sameh Doss

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For connective tissue, movement should collagen curnover. These changes help to promote healing to occur in the toe or the early elastic region of the join[ on the ultimately increase range of motion and reStore function. suess-strain curve. For muscle. change occurs in the plastic region. Beyond chis, damage may occur,19 It can be concluded chac paciems who receive early PROM for joint surgery cend REFERENCES 1. 216 Physiol Rev Massage skeletal muscle ro mechanical loading, 84:649-698, 2004. 2.

I U It also has been tional ability. All of the changes to muscle described previously shown that different ligaments demonstrate different changes will correlate with a loss in functional ability. \1 to focus on restoring these functional deficits. Functional loss Effects on immobil ized tendons are similar to those on liga­ is relative, and understanding the patient and his or her life­ ments. Immobilized tendons attophy, with degradation of style will allow the rehabi litation specialist to focus trearment their mechanical properties.

Ln a study conducted by Shaffer and colleagues, in casting or splindng. Many changes co a nerve's biological StruC­ which plamar flexion torque was measured , investigarors dem­ ture can be implemented during the period of immobilization. onstrared that in the first The lengrh of rime rhar a limb is immobil ized will have a casred lower limb had regained signi ficant bearing on rhe number of changes rhar occur. 98 Hortobagyi et al found rhat Unfortunately, research in this area is very sparse, and most of POSt immobil ization for rhe findi ngs discussed in this section were derived from the ery of strength deficits 5 weeks POSt immobilization, rhe 70% of rhe muscle force found 2 weeks 3 weeks of the lower limb, 90% recov­ occurred, along wich 95% recovery of Topp and Boyd article,61 which is an excellent article on fiber cype}OI Yue et aJ reported that strength in rhe upper peripheral nerves.

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