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Download Anatoly Karpov on the Net by I M Irina Krush PDF

By I M Irina Krush

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Com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/karp... 7/8/2004 Karpov on the Net Page 2 of 6 his lead in development. White has approximately three tempi to work with as Black must move his Ne7, then his Bf8, before he can castle. Nc3 dxc4 Compare the situation with that in Gelfand-Karpov, Sanghi Nagar (m/3) 1995 (see page 140) where the White queen's knight travelled via a3 to b5 and later d4, which led to a nice initiative for White. dxc5 Usually in these positions, White bolsters his center with Bc1-e3, followed by recapturing on d4 with his knight, and then continuing with a knight jump to b5.

Good defense is possible ONLY by deciding that we must make the most of our chances in any position. Remember, that MOST CHESS GAMES ARE LOST AND NOT WON. It is your responsibility to do everything possible to induce your opponent TO LOSE. b5 is just such a move - besides this is an excellent move on positional grounds: Black, after all, is attempting to improve his position and is setting White difficult problems. What more could one possibly ask of a move in such a difficult position? Bxg6 The game continuation.

Rh3 Now be careful! Remember! What is White's THREAT? Nxf7+. Good defense means ETERNAL VIGILANCE. Rc7 Defending the f7-pawn, and meeting White's aforementioned threat. c5 White has chosen to sacrifice a pawn for nebulous compensation, to keep some vestige of the initiative. Good defenders love to see such decisions! htm 7/8/2004 Defense & Counterattack Page 5 of 6 take the INITIATIVE and keep the pawn. Bc8! Attacking the rook on h3, and moving the bishop to a more active diagonal. Rb3 Qe8 Simultaneously defending the pawn on b5 and moving out of the pin on the knight on f6.

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