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Download Analog/RF and Mixed-Signal Circuit Systematic Design by Michael Eick, Helmut Graeb (auth.), Mourad Fakhfakh, Esteban PDF

By Michael Eick, Helmut Graeb (auth.), Mourad Fakhfakh, Esteban Tlelo-Cuautle, Rafael Castro-Lopez (eds.)

Despite the truth that within the electronic area, designers can take complete advantages of IPs and layout automation instruments to synthesize and layout very advanced structures, the analog designers’ job remains to be regarded as a ‘handcraft’, bulky and intensely time eating technique. hence, super efforts are being deployed to advance new layout methodologies within the analog/RF and mixed-signal domain names.

This booklet collects sixteen cutting-edge contributions dedicated to the subject of systematic layout of analog, RF and combined sign circuits. Divided within the elements Methodologies and strategies fresh theories, synthesis thoughts and layout methodologies, in addition to new sizing techniques within the box of sturdy analog and combined sign layout automation are offered for researchers and R/D engineers.

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The used transformer or inductor and its EM simulation result are provided from the outer loop. The output is the performance of one stage of the RF amplifier with optimized transistors, transmission lines and biasing voltages. The construction of SBDE is quite simple. 1) with a change of the selection operator. g. bandwidth ≥ 20GHz) are handled by using the selection rules in [28]. The selection rules are: (1) Given two feasible solutions, select the one with the better objective function value; (2) Given two infeasible solutions, select the solution with the smaller constraint violation; (3) If one solution is feasible and the other is not, select the feasible solution.

1. The average PTE for 10 runs are provided for each method. The EM simulation tool is ADS-Momentum. 1, the results can be analyzed. 3 hours on a single CPU node, which is very reasonable for practical use. Moreover, the result quality of MMLDE is comparable with the benchmark (method of using full EM simulations in combination with DE), but MMLDE is more than 10 times faster. 38 B. Liu and G. 1 EMLDE: Goals, Challenges, Main Structure EMLDE is based on combining electromagnetic (EM) simulation with evolutionary algorithms.

MMLDE and EMLDE have been shown to provide results that are comparable to directly using a global optimization algorithm in combination with EM simulations as performance evaluation, which is the best framework in terms of solution quality, but at far lower (nearly an order of magnitude) computational cost. The objectives of achieving high optimization ability, high efficiency and high generality in the automated synthesis of high-frequency circuits are therefore met. 2 Efficient Synthesis Methods for High-Frequency Integrated Passive Components 51 Acknowledgements.

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