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Download Am I Beauti Fully Bro-ken Or Beauti Fully Broke-in? by Spidey Williams PDF

By Spidey Williams

Whenever I write my lifestyles tale, it comes out how i believe yet no longer constantly what I see. each time i glance within the reflect, it exhibits me all i will by no means conceal uncooked & uncensored. It supplies fact to me. what number folks have an alias pen identify, nickname that we're referred to as, except our start identify? You don't need to bring up your hand or nod your head, yet not less than try and smile no matter if it's demanding. i used to be bred & raised a Christian, yet i believe i'm much less of a guy & extra of a God. each poem I write at the very least one individual like, however the ones written in sorrow & blood, humans always remember & strangely love. It's not easy for me to bleed externally whilst I've been bleeding internally in view that i used to be born. by means of age 11 I had thirteen knowledge enamel, & medical professionals name me outstanding, by means of 14 i used to be suspended 15 occasions in years, facts known as me traditional! through 17 i used to be significant back, from publishing my first poetry booklet, results of heartbroken. must have instructed the witch physician by no means heal me, should've congratulated Cupid, for failing back, must have went to each wishing good, & retrieved each penny for my innovations, rather than publishing my first poetry publication, entitled, "Poems From The Heart"

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