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Download Alpha Teach Yourself Algebra I in 24 Hours by Jane Cook PDF

By Jane Cook

The first step in complicated math is now the simplest.

Alpha train your self Algebra I in 24 Hours offers readers with a based, self-paced, straight-forward instructional to algebra. it is the ideal textbook better half for college kids being affected by algebra, a great primer for these trying to get a head begin on an upcoming category, and a welcome refresher for fogeys tasked with assisting out with homework, all in 24 one-hour classes.

• Algebra is the second-most well known mathematic path for faculty- sure highschool scholars

• approximately all college-bound highschool scholars now take algebra

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2x – 3 d. –x 1  18xy  2 a. 9xy b. –9xy c. 36xy d. –36xy 1 9w  3 a. 3 b. –3 c. –27 d. 27 –20y ÷ 4 = –5y 5y –5 –80y a. b. c. d. 10. ¥ xy ´ 24 – ¦ µ § 4¶ a. 20xy b. –6xy c. 6xy d. –20xy Hour 5 Linear Equations: Solving with Basic Operations Hour 6 Linear Equations: Solving More Complex Equations Part II Solving Equations C HAP TE R S UMMAR Y In this hour you will learn about … s 3OLVING EQUATIONS WITH ADDITION AND subtraction s 3OLVING PRACTICAL PROBLEMS WITH equations s 3OLVING EQUATIONS WITH MULTIPLICATION and division If one process sets algebra apart from basic arithmetic, it is solving equations.

B. c. d. 10. (–18) ÷ 6 · (–4) ÷ 3 = 8 –4 +4 –8 a. b. c. d. C HAP TE R S UMMAR Y In this hour you will learn about … s )DENTIFYING THE PROPERTIES OF REAL NUM­ bers s 5SING THE MULTIPLICATION RULE WITH REAL numbers s 5SING THE PROPERTIES OF REAL NUMBERS s 5SING THE DIVISION RULE WITH REAL numbers Now that you know the basic operations of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers, in this hour you learn the algebraic properties or rules that go beyond the four opera­ tions.

Adding all negative numbers gives a negative number. To add a positive to a negative number, remove their signs, subtract, and use the sign of the larger number for the sign of the answer. You are probably wondering what to do if there is a mixture of positive and negative numbers within an addition problem. Once you’ve mastered the previous rules, having several numbers to add, no matter what their signs, is not difficult. Real Numbers: Four Operations Consider the following problem: 3 + –9 + 14 = The 3 and 14 are both positive, and the 9 is negative.

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