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Alain Badiou is among the world’s so much influential residing philosophers. Few modern thinkers exhibit his breadth of argument and reference or his skill to interfere in debates serious to either analytic and continental philosophy. Alain Badiou: Key techniques offers an summary of and creation to the whole diversity of Badiou’s pondering. participants concentrate on the principles of Badiou’s idea, his “key concepts” – fact, being, ontology, the topic, and prerequisites – and on his engagement with various thinkers primary to his philosophy, together with Plato, Spinoza, Heidegger, and Deleuze. scholars new to Badiou will locate this paintings, written by way of the main students within the box, available and complete, whereas readers already conversant in Badiou will locate distinctive, concentrated, and leading edge discussions of Badiou’s key subject matters, recommendations, and engagements.

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In doing so, Badiou comes to recognize that “philosophy” is not a synonym for “thought” in general, nor is it the essence or paradigm of thought, nor is it what gives firm grounds to knowledge, nor is it even what interrogates thinking as such. What does it mean that philosophy is always on condition? First, that philosophy is not an independent discourse. On the contrary, philosophy is entirely dependent on its conditions. Philosophy does not and cannot think by itself. Second, philosophy emerges only in response to a certain kind of demand.

Nevertheless he manages to demarcate himself from his former master by offering a far stricter Maoist interpretation of such class struggle. Maoist theory in the revolutionary dialectic Badiou’s Maoist period comprises the following texts: Théorie de la contradiction, De l’idéologie and Théorie du sujet. Within these works the problem of philosophy in terms of its status and tasks is resolved, but only for another problem to emerge, that of the scene of philosophy. The problem of the status of philosophy is resolved in favour of the Maoist conception of the class struggle in theory.

For this reason it was all the more surprising – especially for the anglophone practitioners of theory and the permanent blurring of disciplinary boundaries – when Badiou suddenly called for a return to philosophy, for an end to the end of philosophy and its endless deconstruction, when he called for a restart. We were not ready. It sounded reactionary. To understand Badiou’s call it is not enough to realize that many poststructuralists, such as Jean-Luc Nancy, never gave up on the name. The very concept and position of philosophy must be investigated in each period of Badiou’s œuvre.

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