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Download African Development Indicators 2000 by World Bank PDF

By World Bank

This up-to-date model of the African improvement signs presents a revised and increased statistical selection of the main specified information on Africa on hand in a single quantity. It offers information on fifty three African nations, prepared in three hundred separate tables or matrices delivering greater than 350 signs of improvement.

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Data o n consumption, investment, and savings are constructed using the SNA’s convention. Conceptually, all income is either consumed or saved, and as such the sum of total consumption and gross domestic saving equals GDP. When viewed from a production point of view, by definition savings equals investment. Investment measures additions to fixed assets of an economy, whether it represents additions to the stock of capital or merely replenishes depreciated capital stock, plus net changes in the level of inventories.

3 _. 4 . 0 ~_____ __ __ __ . 8 25 9 24 2 ... _____ . 4 .. 5 25. 0 .. 7 _ Note I998 data are preliininarp (see page 3 ) Since 1994. 0 National Accounts 25 2-9. Gross public investment - ~- I980 excluding South Afiica excl. 5 -. 4 75 54 17 9 14 1 I3 7 50 ~~ 12 31 7 10 3 91 69 44 93 42 37 19 II 1 75 51 10 0 14 0 55 20 4 85 54 2 59 I5 2 74 62 I5 3 I?

For instance, in the SNA, factor services rendered by residents of another country are excluded from goods and services, but this practice is not universally followed. S. dollars provide a comprehensive and systematic framework for macroeconomic analysis in general. Those interested in a more specialized and rigorous study of international trade transactions should use the data provided in Chapter 5. T h e rate of growth of real domestic product is an important indicator of economic progress and as such is widely monitored.

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