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Download A Manual of the Malay Language by William Edward Maxwell PDF

By William Edward Maxwell

Sir William Edward Maxwell (1846-1897) of the interior Temple, Barrister-at-Law; Assistant Resident, Perak, Malay Peninsula, used to be the writer of A guide of the Malay Language (1882).

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8. “Innovations of such magnitude, we shall venture to say, could not have been produced otherwise than by the entire domination and possession of these islands by some ancient Hindu power, and by the continuance of its sway during several ages. Of the period when this state of things existed we at present know nothing, and judging of their principles of action by what we witness in these days, we are at a loss to conceive under what circumstances they could have exerted an influence in distant countries of the nature here described.

Kesara) and puspa (Sansk. pushpa) have been borrowed from India. English or Latin. Malay. Sanskrit. Other Languages. Michelia champaka champaka J. and S. champaka; Mak. champaga. Jonesia asoka ângsôka Mesua ferrea nâgasârî (Rigg supposes the Malay plant to be Acacia pedunculata; Marsden, Acacia aurea). ” —Sir William Jones) mâlatî (Jasminum grandiflorum27) J. malati; S. melati. mâdhura (cf. malura, Cratæva religiosa) tulasî (sacred to Krishna) J. menur; Kw. menur, silver. ) Ocymum basilicum (holy basil) melor sulasi xxii J.

The story is as follows:— Three young men descend from the heavens of Indra (ka indra-an) upon the xxxix mountain Maha-Meru, on the slopes of which they meet two women who support themselves by planting hill-padi. Supernatural incidents mark the advent of the strangers. The very corn in the ground puts forth ears of gold, while its leaves become silver and its stalks copper. One of the new-comers rides on a white bull, and carries a sword called Chora (Sansk. kshura, a razor) samandang-kini. They are received by the natives of the district (Palembang) and made rajas.

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