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Download A History of the Crusades, Volume IV: The Art and by Kenneth M. Setton, Harry W. Hazard PDF

By Kenneth M. Setton, Harry W. Hazard

The six volumes of A background of the Crusades will stand because the definitive heritage of the Crusades, spanning 5 centuries, encompassing Jewish, Moslem, and Christian views, and containing a wealth of knowledge and research of the background, politics, economics, and tradition of the medieval global.

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Itinerarium, p. 349. 139. Ambrose, p. " 140. Hatem, p. 300. Ch. " Refrains were composed exalting prowess. 142 Ambrose speaks of something "since the days of Roland and Oliver," which presupposes familiarity with the Chanson de Roland. Indeed Ambrose, who was a minstrel, mentions several epics, such as the Chanson d'Aspremont, and songs of Charlemagne and of Pepin. 144 We have reason to believe that the first form of the Chanson d'Antioche and that of the Chanson de Jerusalem were pieced together in Syria.

49. James of Vitry, Historia, p. 117; La Chronique de Rains, trans. E. N. Stone as "The Chronicle of Rains" in Three Old French Chronicles of the Crusades, p. 272. 50. pistolae, p. 113. 51. Usamah, p. 154. 52. Joinville, p. 128. 53. Ibn-Jubair, p. 325; Fulcher of Chartres, trans. Ryan, p. " Ch. I LIFE AMONG THE EUROPEANS IN PALESTINE AND SYRIA 11 stone, with flat roofs; water was caught on these roofs and conveyed to the cisterns, for none had wells. S4 The so-called crusader's house at Mt. 56 A pole also might be set up on which things could be hung temporarily; a passing camel or ass might take a bite out of fruit hung in this ways' The stabling of horses in any medieval town is difficult to picture.

131; Urban T. Holmes, "Gerald the Naturalist," Speculum, XI (1936), 115-116. Fulcher of Chartres (trans. Ryan, p. 300) discusses primitive antidotes. 130. Ambrose, p. 128. 131. Fulcher of Chartres, trans. Ryan, p. 218. 20 A HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES Iv were covered with rugs. Censers with burning incense would be set in the streets and silk curtains hung before the houses;'32 rugs and incense were common commodities in the Near East. Musicians appeared, enjoyed perhaps not so much for their own sake as for the fact that they were an accompaniment for festive occasions.

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