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Download A History of the Crusades, Volume II: The Later Crusades, by Kenneth M. Setton, Robert Lee Wolff, Harry W. Hazard PDF

By Kenneth M. Setton, Robert Lee Wolff, Harry W. Hazard

The six volumes of A heritage of the Crusades will stand because the definitive heritage of the Crusades, spanning 5 centuries, encompassing Jewish, Moslem, and Christian views, and containing a wealth of data and research of the historical past, politics, economics, and tradition of the medieval international.  

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A new offensive in the east could succeed, however, only if his Sicilian neighbor was kept in check. Therefore, he decided to build a new coalition starting with the German king Conrad III, whose rival, Welf of Bavaria, was receiving subsidies from Roger. 12 Conrad also asked the doge of Venice, Peter of Pola, to mediate questions at issue between himself and the basileus, and received a Venetian pledge of naval assistance in the coming war. , I), pp. 618, 61g, 635, 678, 674. On the background, see Grousset, Histoire des croisades, II, chap.

Although only western sources (such as Otto of Freising) mention the Norman pillage of Athens, which has led some historians to omit Athens from the list of places captured by Roger's forces, the American excavations in the Athenian Agora have recently revealed some evidence that seems to confirm the western tradition that Athens was captured along with Thebes and Corinth, on which see K. M. Setton, "The Archaeology of Medieval Athens," Essays in Medieval Life and Thought, Presented in Honor of 4urtin Patterson Evans (New York, 1955), p.

See Bernardi epirtolae, nos. 207, zo8, Zog, 447 (PL, CLXXXII). The letters must be dated after the peace of Mignano, c 139, when Bernard I2 A HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES 11 much influence on the king of France, Louis VII certainly believed that Roger would be a useful ally in the crusade. After the assembly of Ve'zelay on March 3 I, t 146, Louis began negotiations with the rulers of the countries through which his armies might pass on their way to Asia Minor or to Syria. Among others, he approached Roger.

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