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Download A History of the Crusades: Volume 3, The Kingdom of Acre and by Steven Runciman PDF

By Steven Runciman

Sir Steven Runciman's 3 quantity A historical past of the Crusades, one of many nice classics of English ancient writing, is now being reissued. during this ultimate quantity, Runciman examines the revival of the Frankish state on the time of the 3rd campaign till its cave in a century later. The interwoven issues of the booklet comprise: Christiandom, the substitute of the aesthetic Ayubites via the fewer sympathetic Mameluks as chief of the Moslem global, and the arrival of the Mongols. He features a bankruptcy on structure and the humanities, and an epilogue at the final manifestations of the Crusading spirit.

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He was refused admission into the town by the garrison, acting on the orders of Philip and Conrad; so he continued his way by sea to Acre, watching as he went the glad sight of a great Saracen galley being sunk by his ships. He arrived in the camp by Acre on 8 June. 1 To the weary soldiers besieging Acre, King Richard's arrival with twenty-five galleys brought confidence and hope. Bonfires were kindled to celebrate his coming, and trumpets sounded through the camp. The King of France had built many useful siege-machines, including a great stone catapult which his soldiers called the Evil Neighbour, and a grappling ladder known as the Cat.

As a politician he was patient and observant, cunning, disloyal and 1 Richard's person is described in the Itinerarium, p. 144. For his character see the discussion in Stubbs's introduction to the lti11erarium, also Norgate, Richard the Lion Heart, passim. ur-de-Lion unscrupulous. But he had an overriding sense of his duties and responsibilities. For all his meanness to himself and his friends, he was generous to the poor and protected them from their oppressors. He was an unattractive, unlovable man, but a good king.

42-3) says that Richard captured the island by treachery. Both Abu Shama and Beha ed-Din mention that some Christian renegades from Lattakieh had raided the island a few months before. See Hill, History of Cyprus, I, pp. 314-21. 1191: Richard reaches the Crusader Camp Franks prolonged the life of their lands on the mainland; and their establishments in the island outlasted those in Syria by two centuries. But it boded ill for the Greeks. If Crusaders were ready and able to annex an Orthodox province, would they not be tempted soon to launch the long desired Holy War against Byzantium?

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