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Download A Guide to Bone Marrow Transplantation by Hans Joachim Deeg M.D., Hans-Georg Klingemann M.D., Gordon PDF

By Hans Joachim Deeg M.D., Hans-Georg Klingemann M.D., Gordon L. Phillips M.D. (auth.)

In the past due Nineteen Forties investigators saw that mice given supralethai doses of overall physique irradiation have been safe by way of infusion of attainable spleen or marrow cells following irradiation, and that this was once entire via hemopoietic reconsti­ tution with donor cells as confirmed utilizing genetic markers. If an analogous technique might be utilized to people, it's going to be attainable to regard leukemia sufferers with any dose of chemoradiotherapy so far as nonmarrow toxicity authorized, after which rescue them through marrow transplantation. Early scientific makes an attempt have been gen­ erally unsuccessful, often as a result of a scarcity of data of histocompatibility antigens and applicable supportive care. those parts constructed particularly quick throughout the Nineteen Sixties, and for nearly twenty years now medical marrow transplan­ tation has been performed with expanding good fortune. After in the beginning utilizing simply bone marrow from HLA indentical siblings, the sphere has accelerated speedily to include HLA nonidentical comparable donors, and lately even marrow from unrelated volunteer donors. additionally, in view that for various sufferers who oth­ erwise may benefit from transplantation a donor can't be pointed out, there was a becoming curiosity in utilizing the patient's personal (autologous) bone marrow. Our realizing of the foundations of transplantation and our wisdom of the aptitude dangers and advantages have fast grown. from time to time it truly is tough, besides the fact that, to come to a decision what's the most suitable choice for a given patient.

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In contrast to most solid organ transplants a bone marrow transplant is generally from a related (family) donor, preferably identical with the patient for the major histocompatibility complex, HLA. However, the donor mayaiso be a related HLA nonidentical family member, or in the rare instance when this is possible, a monozygotic (identical) twin. 3). In the latter case, we are not truly dealing with a transplant procedure, but rather the reinfusion of previously aspirated marrow. Table 6 illustrates which marrow source can be used in different disease categories.

In addition, with certain cases of acute myelogenous leukemia there may be an intrinsic change in the stern cell that persists despite normal morphology, as well as normal immunophenotypic, clonogenic and karyotypic assays. In such cases, autologous marrow transplantation would presumably be doomed to failure, since no intrinsically normal stern cell population would exist. after Autologous Marrow Transplantation Causes of Relapse .. ' Paradoxically, the diseases most responsive to escalated-dose therapy (the hematologic malignancies) are also the diseases most likely to have marrow contamination with malignant cells.

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