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By Edward Winter

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96 Endgame Battles Endgame Battles 97 This puts Black in serious trouble as White's rook now penetrates his ranks He should play 24 ... 1%d7 25 a5 �c7 with a defensible position. l::{ a8 1 ;0 In the second game we see another World Champion in action, Anatoly Karpov. But on this occa­ sion we see the rare sight of him being on the receiving end of a masterly technical performance: Ribli - Karpov Amsterdam 1 980 25 as �d8 26 1%e8 �f7 26 ... a6 is met by 27 b5! axb5 28 a6 bxa6 29 �a5 etc. id2 �d6 30 na8 b6 Now Black gets a weak a-pawn which with bishops on the board is hopeless for him.

19 h4! h6 20 ltJh3 ! A Karpov - Kasparov London Weh 1 986 17 lIaS 18 f4 e6 1 9 d6 leaves Bl ack beautiful ruins move which Black's plans. ixa2 1 0 bxc3 they only looked at 20 ltJO . Over the board Karpov finds a stronger close the timely idea much which prepares a8-h 1 diagonal to with f2 - 0 and manoevre knight from h3 to f2 and dJ . a the 60 Winning 'Won Positions ' Winning ' Won Positions ' 6 1 need to inhibit counterplay. your opponent 's from where it will intensify the pressure on d6. 28 ...

Rd4! The state of White's knight on a7 would give Black defi­ nite compensation for his pawn. 14 c5! Typical enterprise from Larsen, 14 liJxe6 followed by 1 5 f3 would be drawish. Black's reply is forced as 1 4 ... itxe6 1 6 Axcs l:td7 1 7 f3 . itrs 15 ... lLle8? itfS 1 9 lLlxh7+- and after 1 5 ... itc4. :rxc8 'i»g7 Black would do better to play 1 7 ... h6! txcS bxc5 2 0 Ad3 i s equal. 18 f3 lLle8 •.. 1 9 33? Over the next few moves White gradually goes astray due to his re­ luctance to part with his bishop pair.

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