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Download A Code of Conduct: A Treatise on the Etiquette of the by Verena Klemm, Paul E Walker, Susanne Karam PDF

By Verena Klemm, Paul E Walker, Susanne Karam

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Qurʾān, 28: 41. 7. Qurʾān, 10: 25. 8. Qurʾān, 16: 125. indd 37 29/11/11 3:10 PM 38 A Code of Conduct should be those that are most appropriate. It will be thus understood that a person not familiar with wisdom and fine words is not suitable to be a dāʿī. He said: ‘and dispute with them using what is best’. A person not adept at disputation had better not become a dāʿī. Disputation, discussion and refutation are not done in the best manner other than by those most knowledgeable about the literal and the figurative meanings, both in the rational and the legal sense.

Al-Maqrīzī’s entry for 405/1014–1015 is relatively detailed yet it does not mention either the restoration of the majlis or Khatkīn’s appointment. On the question of the dates here, see Walker, ‘Daʿwa’, pp. 176–179. indd 30 29/11/11 3:09 PM Introduction 31 great tribulation, the observance of previous practices had been cancelled, and the faithful saints were kept from what they had earned. The practice of holding the Sessions of Wisdom [majālis al-ḥikma], which had provided them such a dividend of benefits, had been abandoned.

28] The dāʿī firstly requires governance of the individual, which means to govern his own self. Thus he provides for the welfare of his own soul, governing and controlling it, preventing it from having any of the vices and any bad habits of character, keeping it from reprehensible desire for things that are illicit, bearing itself in conformity with the virtuous, and fulfilling required duties and established regulations. He will censure himself sincerely if he behaves badly, accompanying that with condemnation, regret, reproach and repentance; and he will reward himself if .

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