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By Edward Winter

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2 2 . . QR-NI 23 Q - R 5 f K-NI 24 Q-N6 is hopeless for Black. (c) When Steinitz destroyed Mongredien in the two games given above he was respectively 26 and 27 years old. Thirty years later Steinitz was to carry out a combination in the same style, but on a deeper plane, against a more formidable opponent, and in a considerably more prestigious event. g... N-Q2 Tchigorin seems to be organizing the break. . P-KB4, but this plan is faulty. He should either have left the KN at its post and gone for immediate Q-side expansion ( 8 .

59 (17. . QXN 18 KR-Bl+ K-K2 19 R-B7+ K-Q3 20 RXQ KXR 21 R-QBl, etc). Two games which show that Morphy's principles have been completely assimilated by modern masters and grandmasters. (a) Larsen-Petrosian, Santa Monica, 1966. Sicilian Defence, Accelerated Fianchetto. Overlooking the possibility of a fresh sacrifice. Black could try to struggle on in an ending with 1 4 . . QXB 15 NXQ+ NXQ+ 16 PXN PXP+ 17 KXP B-B4+ 18 K-K2 R-QN1, but the best move is 1 4 . . K-K2! when White, indeed, has a powerful attack, but also a bewildering number of pieces en prise.

CHAPTER 3 From Morphy to Fischer Delivering mate with a B on e7 must have been Anderssen's favourite (see also 23 B-K7 mate vs. Kieseritzky). I F ONE studies any one of the various near-complete collections of Morphy's games one is struck by something rather strange. At least I was: the relative absence in his games of truly brilliant combinations. Of course, everyone knows about his fabulous Q sacrifice vs. Paulsen or his delightful victory against the aristocratic duo, Brunswick and Isouard, but what else is there to compare with immense number of brilliant games produced by Anderssen, or even Steinitz?

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