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Download 100 Completely New Ideas for Managing Behaviour by Johnnie Young PDF

By Johnnie Young

This pick-and-mix treasure trove of recommendation is brimming with tried-and-tested options for coping with behaviour within the secondary lecture room.

The e-book includes a hundred thoroughly new rules including:
suggested scripts and keyword phrases designed to pacify even the main competitive situation
short-term and long run strategies
advice on pre-empting and fending off difficult behaviour
ideas for pondering in your ft in severe circumstances

This e-book might be beneficial to trainee lecturers and NQTs, however it also will provide skilled lecturers new principles and concept for larger dealing with their scholars' behaviour.

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Now here is the crucial thing, and is the reason why the idea works so well. Chat with them about their behaviour, not so much as it was in your lesson, but as it is across the school. Put the whole focus on the improvements, however slight. You might say: ‘Duncan, I see you’re doing well in Science. Things are much better for you there. Not such a great lesson with me today, what with all that shouting out and everything. Anyway, let’s not get bogged down in all that again. Let’s look at the whole picture.

She asks if she may have ‘a word’ with Michael. You agree and the teacher, in front of the whole class, commences a fearful, powerful and loud reprimand of Michael because of something dreadful he did at break. The teacher thanks you and leaves, feeling better that she has got it off her chest! Michael now starts cursing the teacher and others join in. The important hard won peace is destroyed. The solution to this problem, which is not uncommon, is to have agreements throughout the school about when it is the right time to disturb a lesson.

Most of the things that go wrong stem from confusion and uncertainty. Ninety per cent or more of the problems which cause trouble are completely predictable and the fact that there are no arrangements in place to deal with the problems, as they arise, leads to a situation which is completely avoidable. ’ The details of predictable common problems must be thought through and then a session must be held with all the staff involved so that the details of the plans can be fully explained. All this sounds very obvious, but it is incredible to me how often in practice teachers, because of the pressures of lack of time, do not carry out the planning and communicate it clearly to all concerned.

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