Rehab/Relax/Hard Rock Beach Club (Hard Rock)

Rehab at Hard Rock is the largest, most popular Las Vegas pool party and our top recommendation, especially for Sundays. The bodies range from attractive to legendary, music is loud, and the vibe is that of the best spring break vacation you have dreamed of butnever quite had. If you are not a drinker, you will feel out of place here though.

For 2011, the Hard Rock Beach Club Will add Fridays to the lineup so you can party from Friday to Sunday at Hard Rock.

S.K.A.M. Saturdays has been dropped but they may be using similar open format DJs.  S.K.A.M. is going to Tao beach on Fridays for 2011.

Although Relax on Monday has always been much more laid back than the Sunday party, the Saturday party is very strong with attendance not that much less than Rehab Sunday. Although pool parties are still evolving, eventually they may be like nightclubs where specific days are strongest for a particular pool party but with most pool parties strongest on Saturday except for Rehab. The Rehab queue starts before 8 am with an 11 am opening on Sundays. Hotel guests have an advantage getting in from a shorter line that is about half as long as the regular line and with an earlier 7:30 am opening time too. Up to 4 can stay in a room. Best strategy, if not a hotel guest, is go early. The wait does not get better as the day goes on and the crowd inside does not peak until around 3 pm or so. Female party-goers have an easier time getting in but are warned to time their restroom visits well ahead of actual dire need such as 45 minutes. If not, the cloudy pool water will become even worse. Cabanas can be expensive and hard to get.

If you are staying at the hotel, you have an edge as far as getting a cabana on the hotel south side which is not the most active location. The better situated cabanas are often set aside for celebrities. You should expect to see a smattering of minor stars and pro athletes. When Rehab is less crowded, you might get away with under $1,000 for a cabana but on many days you will pay over $2,000. Because Saturday was not as big a day in 2010 for S.K.A.M, cabana prices on Saturday might get down to $500. We expect the Hard Rock Beach Club on Fridays and Saturdays will be similar to last year’s lower than Rehab pricing. The Hard Rock cabanas seat 6 and you can squeeze in more if some don’t mind standing. Although they are not the best cabanas in Las Vegas, they have the usual flat screen, refrigerator, non-alcohol beverages, etc. They are an advantage when trying to impress new-found friends. Food is pretty good at most pool parties. Rehab has a Pink Taco platter that is not bad for the $54 price given inflated club prices. Drinks are reasonably strong but expect $17 for some of your favorites. Watermelon doused in Bacardi rum is a nice treat here. Music is a bit more geared to House with some Hip-Hop and Rock.


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