Why Be Boxed In? Customize!

Most hotel packages are the same; special room rate, $50 credit to this restaurant, 2 for 1 access to that club and 25% off these hotel amenities. How unoriginal, why be boxed in? Maxim Travel is a premiere travel company that can create lavish custom packages that meet all your Las Vegas needs.

Maxim Travel has created a way for tourist to get the most out of Las Vegas without being confined to one resort. Our agents are able to work with you to piece together your dream Las Vegas vacation from special pricing on hotel rooms to access to the best clubs. We have built relationships at all the best hotels and casinos to offer you custom packages.

Through a typical hotel or travel site you are limited to prearranged packages. Most of these packages are specialized to fit a specific property and don’t give you options.  Maxim travel wanted to change this thinking. Our agents work one-on-one with each hotel and casino so you get exactly the best deal, the best package. If you want to stay at the Venetian but party at Cosmopolitan we can arrange a specific package just for you.

See what the difference having a personal agent makes. Come to Las Vegas and roll in style with the help of your Maxim agent.

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Maxim Travel NYE Party

I went to the High Society party on New Years in Las Vegas and it was awesome!!  My buddies came in to town from Los Angeles and we took a couple hot girls with us.  We went to dinner at Mandalay Bay before we went to party the night away.  I was so awesome and [...]

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