Do’s and Don’t of a Vegas Vacation

People from all around the world come to fabulous Las Vegas to experience an alternative reality. Each person has their own picture of what Vegas is but there are three hot topics that you can’t ignore; how you look, what are you drinking and are you going to hit big. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts about those topics you should know before you arrive.

1. Dress to Impress

Looking hot is a must when you come to Las Vegas but there is a way to do it that doesn’t make you look like a hooker or bum.

Dos: Day – GIRLS: Vegas is hot and walking around the Strip you want to wear minimal cute. This includes shorts, tank tops/ short sleeve, flip flops/flats/sneakers, and sunglasses. Wearing your swim suit under is cool but don’t just walk around in just that. GUYS: You’re easy! This is your normal summer day wear.

Night –  Vegas nights are a bit cooler but still warm so you can really wear whatever you want, tailoring it to what you have planned for the night. GIRLS: Night time is a time for you to play with your style. Fun hair and make-up, a dress, and heels will never do you wrong. GUYS: This is your time to shine and Vegas puts a lot of influences on what men wear. You MUST pack nice dress shirts and dress shoes. A suite or sports jacket is never a bad idea. Most places will not let you in wearing street clothes or sneakers.

Don’ts: Day- GIRLS: The strip is 4.6 miles long. Trying to pretend that you are all that and can wear heels all day, you are sadly mistaking. Your feet will have blisters and be bruised so bad you won’t be able to walk the rest of the trip. Night – GIRLS: Wearing a short skimpy dress can be hot, but making sure you have proper undergarments is a must. Dancing and having your dress come up or down to show your goods is not cute. GUYS: Vegas is about playing a persona, break out of the mold and get out of the office outfit… Loose the tie. This is Vegas, you’re here to party, a traditional tie makes your look nerdy and uptight.

2. Shots, Shots, Shots!

Vodka, tequila, and rum are in no shortage in Las Vegas but it doesn’t mean you have to go head to head with the guys at the bar to prove you can hang. Drinking is fun but too much can kill your trip.

 Dos: When you have a drink, drink some water to keep an even balance. This way will keep you going longer and keep you hydrated, Vegas is a desert. Also, stick to one type of alcohol a night. Mixing will guarantee you a massive hangover.

Don’ts: Partying in Vegas isn’t like parting back home. Don’t get slammed too early or too hard.  Keep a pace going. You don’t want to be the one drunk and asleep in your hotel room while everyone else is out on the town.

 3. Playing with Lady Luck

Cards, dice, or slots are a Vegas must. You can’t say you did it up in Vegas without trying your luck. Plus the best Vegas stories come straight off the Casino floor; win or loss there is always a story.

Dos: Prepare yourself, learn the games before you get here. Knowledge is always key to getting ahead and understanding these games and how the casino works usually can give you a slight edge. Practicing betting, strategy, and the rules at a house game or online can help build up your confidence before you get here.

Don’t: Have a max limit on how much you want to gamble during your trip. Gambling is fun and can become addicting. Remember to play smart, it’s only a game and this isn’t monopoly money you are playing with. You don’t want to be that guy who has to pawn his watch to get back home.

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