Palms Ditch Fridays

Ditch Fridays (Palms) is less crowded, less boisterous, but with a similar quality of eye candy and when the Playboy bunnies are there, a superior level of eye candy to any Vegas pool party. The Palms is also home to the joined Moon and Playboy clubs and Rain. The key advantage of Ditch Fridays is that it can be a prelude to a serious party mood, perhaps without benefit (or burden) of sobriety, for your Friday night clubbing. It is less crowded and you can even try to get in during the afternoon.

The 27 cabanas are open to public rental since 2010 and will continue for the 2011 Vegas pool season. Ditch Fridays cabana pricing varies from $1,00 to $3,000 depending on the crowd and can seat up to 10. Daybeds run around $1,000 with tables at $600. Daybeds accommodate about 6 while the tables seat about 4. Their bottom bottle is currently $425 which is down a bit from last year.


Maxim Travel NYE Party

I went to the High Society party on New Years in Las Vegas and it was awesome!!  My buddies came in to town from Los Angeles and we took a couple hot girls with us.  We went to dinner at Mandalay Bay before we went to party the night away.  I was so awesome and [...]

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